Born in Iran and raised in Sweden, artist Sara Nory came to New York in 2013 to experience a new energy.

In 2017 Sara let go of all outside commitments to focus more on her own creative world witch has led her into this journey of living as an artist.

Sara is now dedicated more time to travel around the world to create her passion in places she finds interesting.


I, Sara Nory, am an internationally renowned artist and teacher of kundalini yoga & meditation and a facilitator of self-healing in past lifetime regression. Trained by Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa in Rishikesh, India and Linda Backman in Colorado, California. I use a variety of practical lifestyle counseling methods to work with individuals and groups who desire to improve, restore and heal to maintain their mental, spiritual and physical health. My mission is to cultivate the individual and collective healing by living in my own truth. So we can enjoy this life with ease and elevation.

“ it comes through me

but it is not from me


though it is with me

it does not belong to me”

© Sara Nory 2018 all rights reserved